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A Break from the Books – A Puzzle for Dr. Who fans

Over the Christmas/New Year’s holidays, other half and I had a bit of spare time, so we pulled out a puzzle that I’d bought a few years ago. I’m a keen Dr. Who fan, with tons of books on the shelves. And from gifts from others, and purchases made by myself as well, I’ve accumulated quite a collection of games, playing cards and THE puzzle.

This was such fun to put together, and a bit of a challenge as well. It’s 100 pieces and features some great Dr Who villian-type characters including you-know-who! Exterminate, exterminate…
It’s 100 pieces, and though the box says suitable for ages 4+; I wouldn’t let a child loose with it. It would be too frustrating and result in lots of tears. And older child maybe, but not a toddler of 4 or 5 – unless supervised by a patient and helpful adult.

It’s a great way to pass an evening, we became totally absorbed in the project. It was fun reminiscing about the different episodes of the Dr. Who programme whilst fiddling with the pieces and watching the image come together.

After about an hour and a half of trial an error fun…

The Puzzle was complete. This would be brilliant solo fun for a keen Dr Who fan, or a good, fun couples activity…it could even be fun completing the puzzle with a group of friends!

Back next week, to the usual book reviews….
All for now

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Ravensburger – Doctor Who 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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