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What’s Cooking – Vegetarian Home Cooking Made Easy

Tonight the book that fell off my bookshelf is one of a culinary nature — yeah, a cookbook. “Rose Elliot’s Vegetarian Cookery” is one of my favourite cookbooks. I use it more than any other in my bulging cookbook collection. The only book that comes close to it in use is “The Joy of Cooking” – the original version. I’ll review that one in a future posting.

This book was given to me back in 1995 as a Christmas present and I absolutely love it! The recipes are simple, wholesome, virtually faff-free, and are dishes that I – and you – can serve to any of our veggie or non-veggie friends with confidence that we’ll be rewarded with empty plates in return. I believe you can tell a well-loved and well used cookbook by the amount of food stains and scribbled notes (experiments in adapting different combinations, temperature adjustments, feedback from family and friends on the dish) in it. Some of my favourite recipes from this book include ratatouille (a great one for mixing and matching veggie ingredients), lentil shepherd’s pie, and Flaky Vegetable Pie (made with puff pastry).

The book contains lots of full-colour pictures, and easy-to-understand directions. Most of the recipes use ingredients that are easy to find in the shops. There’s a section in the book on nutrition in the vegetarian diet, as well as colour pictures of various vegetables, pastas, and descriptions of same. Where there aren’t colour pictures, the dishes are often accompanied by sweet watercolour drawings. But the real proof is in the eating. These recipes work, some could even be thrown together after a busy day of work. There are some recipes for baking, but the majority are for dishes suitable for main meals. I’d recommend this book for yourself or both your new and established vegetarian friends; or the dedicated carnivore who wants a source of tasty meals to whip up for a change from the meat diet, or for veggie guests.


It’s good fun!


Vegetarian Cookery




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