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Do you feel Lucky today? “The Luck Factor” book review

This is one interesting book! While reading a book can’t change your life and luck instantly, it can certainly get you thinking and acting in a different and better mode. This book is called “The Luck Factor – Four simple principles that will change your luck – and your life.” It’s by Richard Wiseman.

Professor Wiseman’s theories centre around the beliefs that – 1) We hold the key to creating our luck; and, 2) There are four simple behavioural techniques that are scientifically proven to help us attract good fortune. Simple eh? One of the chapters deals with maximising opportunities, whilst another talks about turning bad luck into good.

I like this book because it’s not just all “happy talk.” Prof. Wiseman gives lots of concrete examples, and there are tests throughout the book so we can test our own luck factor. Then we can find concrete examples of things to do to turn things around. He recommends starting a “Luck Journal”, a diary. I started one when I first read this book several years back, and even today I make frequent notes on a little journal app that I have on my iPod. It makes me both aware of lucky things and days in my life and grateful for them.

This is a book well worth reading (and re-reading), and especially so if you’re willing to do the homework that comes with it!

The Luck Factor


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