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Samurai Girl – The Book of the Sword: Book Review

This is a book that as written for teenagers, but I really like it. I found it in a bookstore, and bought it because of my keen interest in Japanese culture. I wondered if there were any more in the series, but could never find any further episodes. I forgot about it for a couple of years, and just recently was lucky enough to win the entire set of 6 books on ebay via bidding.

It’s the story of a young girl – Heaven Kogo – who has everything she could possibly want in life. She’s about to get married, and suddenly everything changes. She realises that her husband-to-be is vile; her brother is attacked by a ninja, and her father stands there and does nothing about it. As he lay dying the brother’s final words to her were that she couldn’t trust anyone in their family, and he gave her the name of a mysterious person to find. He didn’t tell her where or why, but Heaven knew she was in danger and had to find this person. She flees to Los Angeles from Japan and the adventure begins.

This book – Samurai Girl, The Book of the Sword – by Carrie Asai – is a kind of “coming of age” story with as lot of martial arts thrown in. Heaven moves from a 19-year-old protected, wealthy, traditional Japanese girl to an empowered young woman. She grows strong physically and mentally. In the beginning she fights every step of the way! But she gets there in the end. However her troubles and challenges have just begun…thus the series of 6 novels.

This story is fast moving with multiple stories. It’s not complicated, but it is engrossing. Several years after buying this book, I was still excited when I finally found the rest of the series. I don’t want to spoil the plot, so I’ll tell no more of the events of book 1. But I will review the others as I finish them (which may take a little time as I have other books on the go as well, both paper copies and on my kindle app).


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